If you Buy Birthday Cards Online, you don’t Love them any Less


We can help you make your friends and family happy! For a while…

Ever heard or uttered one of these?

“Oh, I’m sorry, mum; I’ve been a bit tied up.”
“Nan, will you please stop yelling at me? I’ve been meaning to call you!”
“It was just such a crazy week; I apologize for not calling.”
“I bought you a card but the dog ate it.”
“You know, 2012 and the Mayans… I didn’t think we were going to make it.”

Yeah, you’ve said it, at one point or another.
Between all your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, who in their right mind can keep track of so many birthdays and job promotions and various other holidays?
We most certainly don’t. And that’s exactly why Hipper exists.

Add to it all a funeral here, a birth there – maybe sprinkle a graduation or two on top – and there’s your recipe for information overload. No wonder you may end up forgetting your mother who is about to have a birthday, eagerly waiting for her child to congratulate her and wish her well.
But whatever the reason, for most of us life is so hectic and fast that we walk with our heads down, sit with noses buried, and sleep with one eye open. So sometimes we forget.

And almost forget you did: you came back home from work, it’s 7pm, and you are so tired you can barely walk or think. But naturally, only then does the image of your beloved mother pop into your head. Tomorrow is her sixty-fourth birthday. With her present you can stall, sure, claiming it’s still in the mail, but the card has to be there tomorrow. And there is no way you’re leaving the apartment right now to go buy it!

“Dear Mum, happy birthday. I love you so, so much. You are the greatest mum I could have wished for. Never change. Forever yours…” Or something to that effect. And then you simply buy the birthday card online, enter the text, and boom, the next day your dear old mum is fluttering with joy.

You’ve just made a low-cost, high-value investment in order to keep your loved ones feel loved. Material possessions are fleeting, come and go in an instant, and rarely leave any lasting memories or impressions. Think about it, what are you going to remember five years from now – your new laptop or a camping trip with your best friends? It took this writer almost three full decades to realize it. None of us are able to fully appreciate the good people in our lives on a daily basis, of course, because there is too much going on that engages almost all of our mental and emotional faculties, leaving very little time for sincere thought and introspection.

We’re giving you an easy way out. Don’t ever let your loved ones feel like you’ve forgotten about their special day. Also, you’ll be able to stop making the most unbelievable excuses in your head, like:

“It’s too dark outside, someone will rob me.”
“Too much sun, I freckle easily.”
“It’s too cold, I’ll get the flu.”
“It’s too hot, I’ll get dehydrated.”
And so on and so forth.

Humans like celebrating. For example, take birthdays – they are a rather peculiar custom. Once a year people get together to clap for someone, sing them a song, and bake them a cake. Oftentimes they even drink and act quite silly. They do all this to commemorate that special someone’s incredible success: that of being born on a particularly un-particular day. But it’s not about that, as everyone knows. It’s about expressing your appreciation for the person celebrating their birthday. And even though you love the person celebrating, and would go around the Earth and back for them, save yourself the time and money and just click your way to their heart with a custom and unique birthday card – it’s not cheating, it’s called being pragmatic. I mean, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think ‘shop’ or ‘post office’?

Long, never-ending lines. Yes, that’s it. Avoid those.

Never again torture your body and soul with the crummy choice of cards at the local post office or neighbourhood mom and pop store. Or worse: with the endless line of shoppers winding in lines in department stores like snakes. Buy your cards online!

Now go show your Nan and mum that you love them.

Florence Hazel is an experienced author writing about gifting since 2006. She shares stories behind postcards and gifts and inspires her readers to give presents in a special way. Be it your colleague, friend or family, in her articles you will always find the best ideas and tips on how to greet your dear people in an unusual way.
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