When is Father’s Day in UK 2018?

Fathers Day 2018

You rarely forget buying your mother a rose or a box of chocolate for Mother’s Day, do you? After all, most school and kindergarten teachers devote some time to help children make cards and gifts and whatnots for their mothers.

But did you know that there is such a thing as Father’s Day?

Yes? No?

Well, if you didn’t, now is the time to change that. Now is a perfect opportunity for you to show your father; for all of us to show our wonderful fathers how much we appreciate all they’ve done for us.

The UK celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday, June 17On this day we celebrate and thank our fathers and we show how much we appreciate their raising us, and we do it all over the world.

In most cultures it is still the woman who is the primary caregiver to their child. In raising a child, the mother’s role may seem more important than that of the father, but lately this has been changing and the fathers’ contributions are being recognised.

Fathers are getting more involved in the upbringing of their kids, and this is a beautiful thing. This holiday is not for fathers only, but father figures as well – step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, or anyone who feels that way.

But why should you celebrate Father’s Day? First of all, dads give great advice without too much drama. Second, they can always help you with your DIY stuff. Moreover, they give a hand with boring stuff like mowing the lawn, for example.

They are adventurous, whether it’s watching a horror movie or going camping. And they love sporting activities. Who taught you how to play football or drive a bike? Last but not at all least, your fathers love you. And they love you so much they’d lay their lives on the line for you.

You’re thinking your father deserves a token of appreciation, but you are simply not sure what to get him? Right? It differs from father to father. Some people visit their fathers, others give cards or gifts, and some take them to football matches or other activities they enjoy. Dinner in their favourite restaurant is also an option.

Need some gift ideas? Well, we’re not going to list all the things for you here – mainly because you can see one of our other posts to get great gift ideas. The list of most popular gifts definitely includes sports items, pieces of clothing, electronic gadgets, outdoor cooking supplies, and various tools.

A good book is always an idea, too. However, don’t limit yourself to these and don’t be afraid to get creative. Also, you can get them flowers, a witty card designed by our hardworking designers and copywriters that blows all other Father’s Day cards out of the water (hint), a box of chocolates, a bottle of good wine…

In the end, the point of Father’s Day is not in gift-giving (although it does help, more often than not), but showing your father you love them. Father’s Day helps you stop for a moment, shut off the busy everyday madness, and think about how much your dad means to you – and, ultimately, show them.

It is easy to marginalise the father as secondary parent, as basic biology dictates that the child is oftentimes closer with the mother. This needn’t be so, and it is important we realise that our fathers love us just as much as our mothers. And the other way around, of course.

Spend Father’s Day with your beloved family, and make sure they truly feel cherished and appreciated.

It is easy for our responsibilities and duties to sidetrack the really important things in life, and it is vital that every now and then we stop and think about them – so it is not too late by the time we realise what we had missed.

Happy Father’s Day!

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