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Be Humble Day – 22 February

Would you rather be bitten by a wasp or a… humblebee? Okay, neither. However, it ought to be the latter. Why? Because, A: a wasp sting hurts; and B: humility is a virtue much more difficult to attain than almost all others. Take kindness, for example. It is very easy to be kind to someone, […]


How to Survive the Winter Blues 101

winter blues

Do you know the scientific reason behind winter blues? Do you know why you tend to be generally unhappier in the winter than in the summer? Less sun. Less sun equals less vitamin D. Less vitamin D equals less happy. Summa summarum; less sun, less happy. Even though the author, quite obviously, has incredible potential […]


Gift guide for: Grandparents


Unsure what to get your Grandparents for Grandparents Day? Unsure what to get them in general? We’ve compiled a short gift-giving guide for your grandparents, based on their hobbies, personality and season. Let’s get into it right away: Gardening A lot of senior citizens love to garden. It is only natural, since gardening is a […]


Retirement Gifts

retirement gifts

Ah, the golden age… A time of rest and sharing life’s secrets and wisdom you’d picked up along the way, of Miami Beach, Cornwall, Thailand, of enjoying the fruits of your labour, of enjoying the fruits of the fruits of your labour (if you’ve invested your money wisely)… Yes, retirement can be all that. But, […]