When is Summer Bank Holiday in the UK?

Summer Bank Holiday 2018

In the United Kingdom, Ireland and some other Commonwealth countries, there are public holidays known as ‘bank holidays’. Heard of them? Of course you have, blimey, you live in the UK – and there’s nothing us Brits look forward to more than a day off. Or sun… Yeah, sun, definitely the sun. On bank holidays […]

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When is International Left-handers Day?

International Left-handers Day

In order to integrate these social outcasts into society, back in 1976 someone in the US thought it’d be a great idea to raise awareness of their plight. And they did. They spoke of the brutalities these people have seen, the injustice, and the everyday reminders that they are lesser human beings than their compatriots… […]


When is Queen’s Birthday?

Queen's Birthday 2018

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have 2 birthdays? Two sets of presents, two celebrations, two of everything… The team at Hipper have unanimously concluded that it would be awesome. Brilliant conclusion. Is it possible, though? It sure is. Well, you do have to be Elizabeth Alexandra Mary (better known as […]